We recognize the unique service provided by truck operators and so does Workers’ Compensation Law in North Carolina. Injuries uncommon in most careers are prevalent in driving. We understand the unique needs of truck operators and how the law caters to those needs.

How does North Carolina law protect independent truck operators?

We know the state recognizes the unique service provided by the trucking industry. Although Workers’ Compensation does not usually cover independent contractors, truck drivers operating independently are always eligible. A company with more than a few workers is obligated to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. Even if your company has fewer employees, you may still be eligible. Do you meet the following criteria?

  • You are an owner operator or independent contractor
  • You operate as an interstate or intrastate truck driver
  • The truck you operate is licensed by a governmental motor vehicle regulatory agency

What injuries can translate into a Workers’ Compensation claim?

Being a truck driver, you understand the potential for serious injury on the job. Although half of the injuries sustained by truck drivers fall under the category of strains and sprains; the other half can range from fractures to multiple traumatic injuries. Drivers can sustain serious injury after years of performing loading and unloading or experience severe injury after seconds of being in an accident.

When are drivers most likely to be hurt on the job?

You may think you are at the highest risk of being hurt while driving but the most common injuries occur from loading and unloading. While safety is always on the mind of a driver, it is hard for anyone to focus after eleven to twelve hours on the road. The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states overexertion regularly leads to the most injuries.

You understand the hazards of working in the trucking industry. Long hours on the road, tight schedules and hard work are all part of the job. We respect your career dedication by putting in the same kind of hard work to support you when you are injured on the job.

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