When you have been injured in a workplace accident there are so many decisions to be made in your medical and legal care. The North Carolina Workers' Compensation attorneys at White & Stradley, PLLC can answer all your legal questions and have experience helping injured workers. We understand that this is a time when even family members may not understand what you are going through. Attending a support group can be a great source of emotional support and that is needed just as much as our legal support.

Why would you need to join a support group?

Support groups can go a long way in providing information you may not get from other sources. It is a great asset to be able to talk to people going through the same thing. The shared experience of a support group can provide you with useful information. Joining a support group will:

  • Empower you to continue on when you feel like giving up
  • Prevent you from feeling alone in what you are going through
  • Provide you with advice from other people with experience

Where can I join a valid support group?

There are support groups throughout North Carolina on a variety of topics. You may be able to find a locally established support group or you may choose to start one yourself. You can also use the internet to chat with people across the country in an online support group. You may prefer the support group is led by a professional or at least has access to a therapist.

Your medical provider should have advice on how to find valid local groups. Community centers and libraries are also a great resource. Make sure you feel comfortable with the group you join and remember you can always check out a few meetings before committing.

You can get great advice as well as emotional support from a group of people going through the same situation. Legal advice should always come from experts in the field. Review any information you receive from fellow group members with experienced attorneys. Please contact the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation attorneys at White & Stradley, PLLC to schedule a confidential consultation. We will help you make the best use of any advice you receive from others going through a claim.

Chris and David are good lawyers.  They are straight forward.  I really appreciate everything that they did for me.  I am thankful that I was referred to them and would highly recommend them to others.