We know the decision of whether to accept a cash settlement for a workplace injury is difficult one. You may find it hard to predict what amount of compensation is fair. Workplace injuries can be quite serious causing partial or total disability. It can be difficult to understand the extent of your injury following an accident.

How do you know how long it will take to recover or what amount of medical care for a workplace injury will be necessary? We can help you determine fair compensation that gives you the time and money you need to recover.

Understanding your rights in a cash settlement

We understand that accepting a cash settlement means waiving your right to take further legal action. You waive your right to a trial and the ability to reopen a case because the claim is considered resolved. You cannot request compensation for medical treatment above and beyond the terms of your settlement. We work with you to predict appropriate compensation for your injury before advising a cash settlement.

Consider how being able to receive continued medical treatment will influence recovery. In some cases, the injured party reaches maximum medical improvement and the income benefits stop. No longer receiving compensation for medical treatment creates a heavy and unnecessary financial burden.

Working with the insurance adjuster for a Workers' Compensation Settlement

Insurance adjusters may offer you a cash settlement. Even if the amount sounds desirable, you must consider how time in costly medical treatment can diminish your award. We are experienced in predicting the long-term goals of your recovery. We will take the time to research what is best for you. Instead of jumping at a cash settlement, speak with the North Carolina Workers' Compensation experts at White & Stradley, PLLC and allow the law to work for you.

It is important to have someone on your side in order to determine what will be fair to you. If you have been offered a cash settlement by an insurance carrier and want to know what is fair, please contact us immediately.

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