What a Rehab Nurse Can do for You

When you are injured at work, one of the goals of insurance company is to provide treatment that will get you back to work. A rehabilitation nurse is assigned to you insurance company as a kind of case manager to coordinate your medical care and rehabilitation, make recommendations, and report to the insurance company. Some of the rehabilitation professional are from companies hires by the insurance company and some of them work directly for the insurance company .

Some of the services provided by the rehab nurse may be helpful, but always remember that they work for the insurance company and that the insurance company’s goal is to stop making payments as soon as possible whether you are truly ready to go back to work or not. White & Stradley, PLLC in Winston Salem, North Carolina, can help protect you from theses tactics so that you can get the Workers’ Compensation benefits you need and deserve.

Your rehab nurse may explain medical information to you and the treatment options that may be appropriate for the type of injury you have sustained or the work-related disease from which you are suffering. They are not allowed to make decisions for you or demand that you follow their recommendations.

Working with your doctors

Your rehab nurse may ask to accompany you to your doctor appointments. The rehab nurse may meet you at doctors appointments . However, you have the legal right to a private examination with your doctor and can refuse her presence in the examination room. The rehab nurse can request a post-examination meeting with your doctor. You have a right to attend this meeting.

In some cases rehab nurses may schedule appointments for you for second opinions and even for some treatments. This is why you need a lawyer who can protect you as some of these directives may not be in your best interest .


The rehabilitation nurse always reports to the insurance company but is required to provide a copy of all reports to you, or if you have representation, to your North Carolina Workers’ Compensation attorney.

Returning to work

While you and your insurance company may share the goal getting you back to work, you want to return when you are ready able, and the insurance company wants you to return to work as soon as they can make it happen whether you are really able to do the work or not.

One of the roles the rehab nurse plays is gathering information from your health care providers on your ability to work and your restrictions and then trying to find positions for you that are medically appropriate.

Why you need help

A rehabilitation nurse is supposed to provide unbiased, objective opinions, but that does not always happen. In reality, they work for the insurance company to further the insurance company’s goals. We can help protect your rights and make sure that the rehab nurse does not overstep their boundaries in their involvement in your case.

If you have been injured on the job, dealing with a rehabilitation nurse is just one reason why you need the help of an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer such as Nancy P. White at White & Stradley, PLLC.

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