At White & Stradley, PLLC, our North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers know that too often the system fails people like you: innocent employees hurt on the job and just looking for what’s rightfully yours.

Many injured workers who are entitled to benefits under the law struggle to understand its intricacies. That’s why it’s so important to speak to us after your injury. We understand the law and all its complexities.

This page will provide some important information on the details of the law. But to truly understand North Carolina’ workers’ compensation law and figure out how you can navigate the system, you need to speak to us at a free consultation.

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What The North Carolina Workers' Compensation Law Requires

You can think of North Carolina’s workers’ compensation law as sort of an employer’s version of the laws requiring drivers to carry auto insurance. Under the law, every employer with three or more employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance that meets state standards. This policy will pay out your benefits if you’re hurt.

There are a few things to know about Workers' Compensation law in North Carolina:

  • It’s a no-fault system, which means that you are still eligible for compensation benefits even if you played a role in your injury. However, workers can be denied benefits if it’s determined their injury was caused by their own intoxication or they intentionally injured themselves.
  • You must report your injury within 30 days to your employer.
  • You can be eligible for benefits if you suffered your injury while performing your job duties while off-site; injuries suffered while travelling on business are covered by the law.
  • You cannot be fired as retribution for filing a workers’ compensation claim

There are many details of the law that require greater space to fully explain. You can see our Calculation of Weekly Workers’ Compensation Benefits for a complete explanation of how the state will determine your benefit amount.

OSHA is also a very important relevant federal law.

The Importance of Finding a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Of course, there’s the law and there’s reality. And in reality, many injured workers are pressured into signing away their rights or told they shouldn’t file for workers’ compensation. Your employer and its insurance company have an interest in keeping their payments low.

At White & Stradley, PLLC, our North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers’ only interests are your interests. We’ll stand up to anyone trying to bully you while making sure you have a fair shot at the compensation that you deserve.

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