History of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation can be traced back to the time of the Industrial Revolution. While economic and industrial activities thrived, the number of on-the-job injuries also increased. Before long, the need for a fair system of Workers’ Compensation came about.

There were few solutions for employers and employees when an employee was injured. Workers hurt on the job had limited options. They could sue their employers, but because the court system was often very busy, the delays were significant and compensation for work-related injuries was not guaranteed. Often times, the employee had to bear his own cost for the injury.

The System Evolves

In the 1800’s, the need for a practical Workers’ Compensation system was addressed in Europe. By the 20th century, Workers in Canada and the United States were catching on to this movement.

Bills were passed to provide workers who were injured with Workers comp benefits that were timely and guaranteed.

Injured workers began receiving medical care and disability income. Employers were also safeguarded from huge losses by a specific amount of benefits that an employee could receive for his injuries. At this time, Workers were not allowed to file a lawsuit against their employers, but employers were required to pay the mandated benefits. By the early 1900s, Workers’ Compensation acts began to be adopted in the United States.

North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act

In 1929, the state passed the North Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Act, which was created to provide two forms of protection:

  • It provides employees with a way to receive medical treatment and financial recovery from job-related injuries.
  • It provides employers with limited liability in most cases of work-related accidents.

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