July 18, 2017

Our Greenville, NC workers’ comp lawyers can help ensure your claim is processed quickly, allowing you to focus on recovery. Contact us to learn moreOur Greenville workers’ comp lawyers understand that time is of the essence in the aftermath of a workplace injury. You've been the victim of a devastating injury, and the bills start coming immediately. You need your workers' comp claim to proceed as quickly as...

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July 11, 2017

A back injury can limit your abilities for years – perhaps even forever. Our North Carolina workers’ comp lawyers can help ensure you get the full benefits you deserve.Back injuries are among the most common conditions our Raleigh workers’ compensation lawyers see. A workplace back injury can afflict employees in just about any line of work, whether you're in a sedentary office position or a labor-intensive field that...

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July 04, 2017

If you have suffered a burn injury on the job, our Charlotte, NC workers’ comp lawyers can help. Contact White & Stradley, PLLC for a free consultation to learn moreWorkers' comp is designed to provide benefits for a comprehensive range of possible workplace injuries. These injuries can be unpredictable, which makes such coverage particularly important.


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June 23, 2017

If you have sustained a workplace injury, regardless of your occupation, you are entitled to workers’ comp. Call our Charlotte, NC office at 919-863-9397 to learn more.When we think of workers' compensation, we tend to think of significant physical injuries suffered by employees performing arduous physical labor – construction workers, warehouse employees and those employed in industrial fields – and this...

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June 16, 2017

Our Raleigh workers’ comp lawyers suggest rehabilitation following on the job injury. Call 919-863-9397 to learn how we can help you get the compensation you need. The human body has remarkable recuperative powers. It can recover from just about any common workplace injury. But this recovery process will be easier and more complete if you commit to a course of rehabilitative therapy after your injury.

In certain situations, our...

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June 09, 2017

Call White & Stradley at 919-863-9397 for a free consultation with our Charlotte, NC workers’ comp lawyers to learn how we can help you get the compensation you deserveThe first step in retaining White & Stradley, PLLC to represent you in your North Carolina workers' comp claim is to arrange a free initial consultation with our workers' compensation lawyers. This consultation provides you with an opportunity to ask...

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June 02, 2017

Occupational diseases, defined broadly as “illnesses suffered as a result of one's work,” are covered in North Carolina under workers' compensation – but they also present unique challenges. The best way to avoid complications that can delay your workers’ comp claim is by working with an experienced North Carolina workplace injury attorney. Call us at 919-863-9397 to schedule a free consultation and learn how White & Stradley, PLLC can help.

The first and most significant obstacle you may face when seeking compensation for occupational diseases can...

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May 26, 2017

The NC workers’ comp lawyers at White & Stradley, PLLC handle each claim with compassion and expertise. Call our Raleigh office at 919-844-0400 to learn moreAt White & Stradley, PLLC, our philosophy has always been to provide the victims of on-the-job injuries with the high-quality representation they deserve. We believe in workers' compensation, but we also believe that the system only works the way it's supposed to when injured workers are...

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May 17, 2017

Workers' compensation is fairly straight-forward, right? Get hurt, notify your employer, file the forms, get examined by a doctor to prove you're really hurt, get benefits, get better. That's certainly how the system is supposed to work.


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May 12, 2017

Is your employer not fulfilling their duties under workers’ comp? Call 919-844-0400 to schedule a free consultation at our Raleigh, NC office to learn how White & Stradley can helpWe tend to talk about workers' compensation in terms of the injured worker's responsibility: what you have to do after the injury, who you have to see, what forms you to have to file and so on. However, it's important to remember...

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My experience with the firm was excellent.  Everyone went way beyond their means to help me.  Time was taken to really work with me one on one to help me understand my case.  I was made to feel like family.