The first step in any workers' compensation claim in the state of North Carolina is filing a report. This report is essentially your narrative of the accident- what happened, how it happened and what pain you might be experiencing. This report will take the form of a printed narrative or a recorded conversation about the accident.

Under the state's workers' compensation law you have 30 days after the accident to file this report, though we always urge victims to move as quickly as possible. The report will be forwarded with the company's claim to the insurance company.

We also urge you to request a copy of this report, as this is a right you possess under state law. The company must provide you with this copy within 45 days of your request.

This might sound over-cautious or even paranoid, but it's important to realize that mistakes happen. Sadly, so do deliberate cases of falsification. We have represented clients who saw their reports changed after they submitted them, which puts their legal rights in danger.

Request a copy of your report. Review it carefully. Make sure it exactly reflects what you said or wrote. And don't sign anything if it does not meet that standard.

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