As the victim of a workplace accident, you might reasonably ask why workers' compensation is your only real option. Why workers' comp and not a personal injury suit? After all, employers are insured for workers' comp. Doesn't a personal injury system provide a greater incentive for companies to keep a safe workplace?

The reality is that workers' comp can be a system that redounds to the benefit of everyone involved, provided you have an experienced attorney on your side. Theoretically, North Carolina's workers' compensation law provides a predictable system of benefits for workers and stability for employers.

Because the law has transparent guidelines for benefits and eligibility, predicting your compensation payout is simpler than it would be in a personal injury case. Our workers' comp attorneys are familiar with the system and know which benefits you are eligible for.

Furthermore, a personal injury system would invariably have to get into questions of fault. And if you were found to have played a role in your own accident, your ability to pursue compensation would be limited.

By contrast, North Carolina's workers' compensation system is no-fault, which means you're eligible for benefits even if you made a mistake that contributed to the accident.

That's not to say the system always works perfectly or that it's simple. It doesn't and it's not. Making sure it works for you is the job of our experienced workers' comp attorneys.

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