The medical expenses resulting from a workplace injury are often significant. The injury can linger for years, and treating your symptoms and the underlying cause can be devastatingly expensive. Fortunately, North Carolina's workers' compensation law covers most relevant medical expenses.

Of course, it's impossible to determine which medical benefits under workers' comp you are eligible for without meeting you in person and discussing your claim in detail.

Still, there are some general guidelines we can provide. A workers' comp claim can cover a wide range of medical expenses, including:

  • Hospital stays or doctor appointments

  • Medications

  • Surgeries

  • Physical therapy

  • Medical devices such as prosthetics or life aids

The exact nature of your benefits will be determined by the exact nature of your injury, as well as your ability to work after an accident. If the injury you suffered renders you unable to earn a living, a workers' comp claim can cover permanent disability for the rest of your life.

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