Workplace accidents are complicated affairs. Often, "fault" is a difficult concept to define. Who's to blame for an on-the-job accident? Usually, a number of different factors came together to cause the accident.

Quite frequently, the victim of a workplace accident did play a role and bears some responsibility. Fortunately, North Carolina's workers' compensation law is a no-fault system. This means that you are eligible for benefits even if you are responsible for the accident.

The state recognizes that mistakes happen, and it would be both unfair and unwise to punish every worker who committed an error that contributed to an accident. Getting injured workers' back on their feet and providing them with some source of income is good for the state, and that's the purpose of workers' compensation.

In extreme circumstances, workers deliberately cause their accidents, and these employees are ineligible for workers' comp benefits. But these cases are rare.

At White & Stradley, PLLC, our workers' compensation attorneys will fight for the benefits you deserve, even if you made a mistake that contributed in some way to your accident. We don't believe you should be further victimized by insurance companies or your employer.

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