While many workplace injuries are only temporary in nature, quite a few of our clients suffered injuries that resulted in a permanent disability. North Carolina’s workers’ compensation law has certain provisions designed to help you if you’ve suffered a permanent disability as a result of a workplace injury.

Once you’ve filed a workers’ compensation claim, you will undergo an examination from a state-approved doctor. The doctor, working off a set of guidelines laid down by North Carolina, will evaluate you to determine if you’ve suffered a permanent disability.

If the permanent disability is an impairment of a specific body part, the doctor will list the extent of your impairment in percentage terms. The weekly benefit payment you receive will be determined based on your pre-injury wages, the percentage statistic as listed by your doctor and the number of weeks of benefits you are entitled to under North Carolina workers’ compensation guidelines; the state sets a limit on the number of weeks you can receive benefits based on the body part that is impaired.

On the other hand, if your permanent disability is total and you are unable to work, you will receive weekly payments of 2/3 of your pre-injury wages for the rest of your life.

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