What Are The Odds My Claim Will Succeed? | North CarolinaThere are no guarantees in workers' compensation. Unfortunately, while the state's law is designed to help victims of workplace injury, and you are almost certainly entitled to benefits, there have been cases where deserving victims were shut out of the workers' comp system.

As such, it's impossible to say for sure what your precise odds of success are. No ethical lawyer can guarantee you a specific result, and every case is unique.

Here's what we can say. First, it's absolutely crucial you speak to our workers' comp lawyers as soon as possible about your claim. We will be able to evaluate your situation and advise you about the strengths and weaknesses of your claim.

Second, initial denials from the insurance company are far from unusual. Many workers see their claims denied at the first stage of the process. This does not mean you've lost. You can appeal that denial, and our lawyers are exceptionally helpful during the appeal process.

The workers' comp system doesn't have to be a hostile and confusing place. It can work as it was intended to work. And our lawyers can play a decisive role in pursuing your claim.

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