Your labor union can provide support and, in many cases, documentation that assists in your workers’ compensation claim. However, it is still in your best interests to have a dedicated Greenville workplace injury lawyer on your side before you file your claim. Unions do not typically provide assistance in filling for workers’ compensation, but may be able to provide you with both resources and protection against unfair treatment during your time away from the job. The Benefits and Limitations of a Union Unions often document unsafe working conditions and make regular reports to OSHA. In addition, unions may help offset costs of legal representation, help ensure your job is not taken away, and protect you against the predatory tactics of employers and their insurance companies. These are things best discussed with your shop steward or a rep at your union hall. What a union cannot do is ensure you get the full benefits you are entitled to. For that, you need a work injury lawyer with sufficient experience to get you swift and complete compensation. With over two decades of experience helping injured union workers, the workers’ comp lawyers at White & Stradley can work with you and your union to see that you get both the benefits and protection you deserve. If you have sustained a work injury in Greenville or surrounding areas of North Carolina, please contact White & Stradley, PLLC today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced North workers’ comp lawyer.

For me, my work injury was a super scary event.  One of the most impressive things about the firm is that everything was handled by them.  All I had to do was concentrate on getting well.  My case went smooth and quickly.  I was thoroughly happy with the service that I received.