Workers' comp claims are designed to help employees in Fayetteville and any other North Carolina community afford the medical costs associated with their injuries. Workers' comp is also supposed to help you live a new life if the injury resulted in a disability or disfigurement.

Paralysis, whether partial or complete, is a tragically common outcome of a workplace injury. To lose the ability to use a part of your body is devastating, and it can catastrophic long-term effects on your career prospects.

Paralysis often makes it difficult (if not impossible) to earn a living in the way you did before your injury. This is certainly true if the paralysis includes an entire hemisphere of your body, but even losing the ability to move a finger can prove surprisingly frustrating.

Fortunately, North Carolina's workers' compensation benefits provide you with financial assistance to help you in this difficult time. Depending on the nature and severity of your paralysis, you can be eligible for lifetime disability benefits.

The precise nature of your benefits will, of course, be determined by the specific circumstances of your claim. Our lawyers will discuss all of your options.

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