There are many widely shared news stories about workers' comp fraud, both in North Carolina and throughout the country. These stories, catnip for an outrage-obsessed viral media environment, spread the idea that workers' comp fraud is plaguing the country.

This is a myth. The reality is that workers' comp fraud by injured employees is statistically insignificant. While every fraudulent case should be taken seriously, the numbers clearly show that fraudulent claims represent a very small portion of total claims.

Insurance companies and employers have an incentive to pump up these stories of fradulent claims, and, sadly, many politicians are all too eager to slash workers' comp benefits in order to save some cash.

In fact, the most worrisome type of workers' comp fraud comes from employers. As we discussed in this blog post, the North Carolina Industrial Commission is concerned about employers failing to carry the required insurance and designating employees as "independent contractors."

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