When most people hear the term "workers' compensation fraud," they usually think of employee's gaming the system. However, employer fraud has become a serious problem in North Carolina.

Fortunately, the state Industrial Commission, which oversees North Carolina's workers' comp system, understands that this problem exists. The Commission held a meeting in late October to discuss employer fraud and possible ways of addressing it.

According to the Commission, employer fraud has a few forms, including:

  • A failure to carry the workers' comp insurance required by the state
  • Designating employees as "independent contractors"

The Commission would like to see a few changes to North Carolina's workers' compensation law, including:

  • Clarification on which employees can be classified as contractors
  • Giving the commission the ability to hold parties in contempt of court
  • The issuing of stop-work orders for companies operating without workers' compensation insurance

It is gratifying to see the Industrial Commission take this problem seriously. At White & Stradley, PLLC, we have seen how employers try and escape their obligations, an approach which often leaves workers out in the cold.

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