Most people who have suffered an injury at work are ready to go back after a couple of days, especially if their injury was minor. They should still file a report with their employer about the injury, as well as pay attention to the statute of limitations for filing a Workers’ Compensation claim (two years in North Carolina). However, for those employees who are seriously injured on the job, returning to work may not be something they can do. Employees who are out of work for a stretch of time due to their injury, and who have filed a Workers’ Compensation claim with their employer must then wait for their entitlement check to arrive from the insurance company. With bills piling up, this can be an uncomfortable time for the injured and their family. In order to receive your weekly benefits, you must have missed at least seven days of work due to your injury. Note that these do not have to be seven consecutive days. However, no compensation is due for the first seven days unless your injury keeps you out of work for over 21 days. Workers who are out more than 21 days will receive payment for that first week they are out. The benefits you receive are not related to getting the medical care you need.  Rather than waiting for your checks, you may receive medical care immediately upon being injured.  Your employer should immediately begin paying your injury related medical bills. If you have any questions about your Workers’ Compensation benefit checks and are in the Raleigh, Greenville, Rocky Mount, or surrounding areas of North Carolina, please contact the experienced Workers’ Compensation attorneys at White & Stradley, PLLC, today.

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