If you have suffered a burn injury on the job, our Charlotte, NC workers’ comp lawyers can help. Contact White & Stradley, PLLC for a free consultation to learn moreWorkers' comp is designed to provide benefits for a comprehensive range of possible workplace injuries. These injuries can be unpredictable, which makes such coverage particularly important.

Burn injuries on the job are somewhat uncommon, but they do occur, and when they do, the results are devastating. A severe burn can leave you scarred for life and can make it difficult to work and earn a living.

Furthermore, treating a burn injury is a difficult, painful, time-intensive and expensive process. Fortunately, North Carolina's workers' comp law does cover burn injuries.

The exact benefits to which you are entitled will be determined by the nature and extent of your injury. But as the victim of a burn injury, you can pursue benefits such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Salary continuation
  • Partial or total disability, of either a permanent or a temporary nature
  • Up to $10,000 for disfigurement

At White & Stradley, PLLC, our Charlotte workers’ comp lawyers understand the severity of your burn injury. We know the effects of these injuries and we take the pursuit of your workers' comp benefits quite seriously.

If you live in Greenville, Raleigh, Charlotte, or surrounding areas of North Carolina and you've suffered a burn injury on the job, a workers' comp claim is the right choice. Please call White & Stradley, PLLC today at 919-863-9397 for a free consultation.

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