When we think of workers' compensation, we tend to think of traditional injuries that come about through trauma- a construction worker falling off some scaffolding, for example. However, many Greenville-area residents work in jobs that require proximity to dangerous chemicals. As a result, chemical burns are quite common among North Carolina employees.

Fortunately, North Carolina's workers' compensation law covers employees who suffered chemical burns on the job.

Under state law, almost every business with more than three employees must carry workers' comp insurance. This includes companies that manufacture, handle and ship dangerous chemicals. And even if the accident was partially your responsibility, the state's workers' comp system is no-fault, meaning you can still receive benefits for your chemical burns.

Workers' compensation can pay benefits to handle your medical care, including:

  • Necessary surgeries

  • Medications

  • Skin grafts

  • Physical therapy

You surely know how dangerous it is to work around caustic chemicals. Still, those chemicals are valuable, and the work has to get done. You have the right to pursue workers' comp if you suffered an injury as part of your job duties.

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