Am I Entitled to Workers' Comp Benefits? | Raleigh, CharlotteUnder North Carolina's workers' compensation law, just about every business in the state must retain workers' comp insurance, regardless of the nature of the business. This ensures that most injured employees have some recourse during difficult times.

Just about every employee in the state is entitled to workers' comp benefits in the event of an injury. While every case is unique, that is a fundamental truth you should always keep in mind.

There are just a handful of requirements:

  • The injury must be accidental - you can lose your benefits if it's proven that you intentionally hurt yourself, and
  • The injury must have occurred while on the job. Note that this is not the same as saying it must have occurred while on the job site - workers' comp covers injuries sustained while on business travel as well.

Note that fault is not an issue. North Carolina has a no-fault workers' comp system, which means you are entitled to benefits even if you played an (accidental) role in your own injury.

Of course, being entitled to benefits doesn't guarantee anything. Victims of workplace injury often find themselves fighting to receive the benefits they deserve. Our lawyers help with that fight.

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