How Will My Claim Be Affected If I Was Doing Something I Was Not Supposed To Be Doing (such as operating machinery I was not trained to operate)?

Injured workers are sometimes afraid to file a Workers’ Compensation claim, or believe their claim will be denied, if they were doing something they were not supposed to do when they were injured. This is a mistake. As long as you did not cause your injuries on purpose and you were not intoxicated, your behavior should not cause your claim to be denied. Even if you were doing something you were told not to do, you may still be eligible for Workers’ Compensation, but it may be reduced by 10% under certain circumstances.

How Do I File A Workers' Compensation Claim?

Filing your Workers' Compensation claim properly and on time is necessary if you want to receive Workers' Compensation benefits. Failure to do so can mean missing out on the benefits that can help your family get by while you are unable to work. The North Carolina Workers' Compensation attorneys of White & Stradley, LLP can help you file your claim and stick with you through the process, assisting with appeals when needed, so that you get the benefits that you are entitled to.

Employer Responsibility in Work-related Injuries

Understanding your employer's responsibilities when you are injured can help you keep an eye on the Workers' Compensation process and make sure that your claim is being handled properly so you can get paid as soon as possible. The experienced North Carolina Workers' Compensation attorneys of White & Stradley, LLP can explain these responsibilities in detail and take action if your employer is not holding up their end.

Before Any Injuries Occur

Auto Accidents and Workers' Compensation

Figuring out if your auto accident is covered by Workers' Compensation can be more complicated than it seems. The basic rule of thumb is, if you were traveling for the benefit of your employer, your accident is covered. However, within that basic concept, there can be grey areas, and what you consider travel for your employer could be a matter of opinion. North Carolina Workers' Compensation law tries to sort this out in great detail.

Am I Eligible For Workers’ Compensation Benefits If I Did Something To Cause My Injury?

In most cases, you are eligible for Workers' Compensation even if the accident that caused you injuries was your fault. A Workers' Compensation claim is not a lawsuit, and you do not have to prove fault on the part of your employer, or prove that you were not at fault, in order to receive benefits.


Workers' Compensation Death Benefits

Workers' Compensation death benefits can help your family pay bills and buy groceries if you die from a work-related injury. It will not replace your full income, and in most cases, it does not last a lifetime, but it can make a big difference to your family in their time of need. If you have lost a loved one in a work-related accident or to an occupational injury, you may be entitled to Workers' Compensation death benefits.


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