Where do I Have to Live in North Carolina to Get White & Stradley, PLLC’s Help?

The North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers at White & Stradley, PLLC can help you no matter where in North Carolina you live. At the bottom of every page on this site you can see a map of North Carolina. This map is marked with stars that indicate populous cities from which we receive a number of clients. You can see that these cities stretch from the western end of the state to the Atlantic coast. The specific locations are:

Why Do I Need a Workers' Comp Lawyer?

In the immediate aftermath of an injury at your North Carolina employment site it’s easy to think that you don’t need a workers’ compensation lawyer. You might think you can handle workers’ comp yourself, or a supervisor might have told you that you shouldn't get a lawyer. The reality, however, is that a lawyer with experience in North Carolina workers’ comp can make the entire process much simpler for you. The workers’ compensation lawyers at White and Stradley can examine your case to make sure you are being treated fairly.

Seeking a Second Opinion in North Carolina

When you are injured on the job in North Carolina, your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance carrier has the right to choose your treating physician. In instances where you feel you could benefit from a second opinion, it is best to first petition the Industrial Commission for approval. Petitioning the North Carolina Industrial Commission, like all aspects of workers’ compensation, can be incredibly complex.

Radiation Burns in North Carolina

Radiation burn injuries occur when the skin is exposed to high levels of things such as UV rays or nuclear energy. People who deal with radiation equipment on a daily basis are more likely to sustain these burns, making them a common healthcare worker injury. However, anyone exposed to radiation on the job is at risk for these often debilitating and deadly burns. If you have suffered a radiation burn, you have a right to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Can I Sue for Pain and Suffering?

Your right to file a claim for pain and suffering following an on the job injury will depend on the cause of your accident and the circumstances surrounding it. As a general rule, when you file a workers’ compensation claim, you waive your right to take further legal action. However, if your injury was caused by a third party, you may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit and seek damages in excess of those covered by workers’ compensation.

Can I Choose my Workers’ Comp Doctor in North Carolina?

In the state of North Carolina, you are not entitled to choose your workers’ compensation doctor. Following your work injury, your employer and his insurance company reserve the right to select both the diagnosing and treating physicians and must be consulted with before you see specialists or switch medical providers. While this can be frustrating, your hands are not completely tied.

Unions and Workplace Injury in North Carolina

Your labor union can provide support and, in many cases, documentation that assists in your workers’ compensation claim. However, it is still in your best interests to have a dedicated Greenville workplace injury lawyer on your side before you file your claim. Unions do not typically provide assistance in filling for workers’ compensation, but may be able to provide you with both resources and protection against unfair treatment during your time away from the job.

Burlington Workers’ Comp: Employee Waivers Promising not to Sue

If you are injured on the job, can your employer force you to sign a waiver stating you will not sue? Sadly, in the state of North Carolina, yes they can. There are exceptions to this rule. For example, if you have a union contract that prohibits this type of action or if you were injured by a third party, you cannot be forced to sign a waiver. However, under most circumstances, your employer can require that you sign a waiver before they cooperate with a workers’ comp claim. The signing of a waiver is generally unnecessary.


Chris and David are good lawyers.  They are straight forward.  I really appreciate everything that they did for me.  I am thankful that I was referred to them and would highly recommend them to others.

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